Field Hockey Goggles

Field hockey goggles are required for all high school players and have been since 2011. Whether you like it or not you will need to wear goggles to be able to play, but how do you know the right ones to buy?

There are two styles of field hockey goggles on the market, wire cage and polycarbonate lens. Both have their pros and cons and either will properly protect your eyes, so you have a choice to make based on your preference.

In addition, there are specialty goggles on the market that may suit your individual needs. Some are tinted and reduce glare and some are specially designed to fit over your prescription glasses.

If you play field hockey and lacrosse and you are looking for goggles that will work for each sport you’re in luck. All goggles on this page are acceptable for both. High school and youth field hockey and lacrosse both use The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) as a standard measure for Safety. The goggles you buy should meet the ASTM F2713-14 requirements for field hockey and ASTM F3077-14 for women’s lacrosse.

Best Field Hockey Goggles

#1 Best Goggles        STX 2See Field Hockey Goggles

If I would have to choose a favorite pair of goggles I would choose the STX 2See Field Hockey Goggles. They are a wire cage style so no fogging, and the design limits blind spots. They are available in two sizes, youth and adult, so they are more likely to fit to your face correctly. The STX 2See Goggles come in a variety of colors. The adult version is offered in black, gray, blue, navy, royal blue, red, and orange. While the youth goggles come four bright, fun colors including Punch Pink, Grape Purple, Lizard Green, and Electric Blue.

Help, I can’t see!

The most common issue with goggles is bad visibility. Wire goggles create blind spots and goggles with a lens can fog up. So which are the best field hockey goggles?


These goggles are also available in a lightweight titanium version at a higher price point. The STX 2See Pro Titanium Adult Field Hockey Goggles are advertised as lighter, thinner and stronger than steel delivering better visibility. While this might be true, I don’t believe the advertised benefits are worth them being sold at around twice the price, but they are better. So if the extra cost isn’t a concern I would give the STX 2See Pro Titanium Adult Field Hockey Goggles a try.

STX 2See Pro Titanium Adult Field Hockey Goggle

Why are The STX 2See Goggles my pick for best field hockey goggles? I prefer the wire cage style goggles over the polycarbonate lens goggles because lenses can fog up on a humid day or when you sweat a lot. They also have high reviews on fit and comfort as compared to other wire caged goggles on the market.

If you’re looking to buy field hockey goggles the safe bet is with the STX 2See Goggles. Don’t like the idea of wire cage goggles? Read below to learn more about my favorite lens style goggles, The Bangerz HS3000 Field Hockey Goggles.

#2 Best Goggles        SBangerz HS3000 Field Hockey Goggles

The Bangerz HS3000 Goggles in my opinion rate #2 overall, but #1 for the best polycarbonate lens field hockey goggles on the market. The Bangerz brand specializes in sports goggles for a wide range of activities, the majority of which use some variety of lenses. Because of their expertise in producing these type of sports goggles, I believe Bangerz produces the best field hockey goggles with a lens.

The only reason the Bangerz HS3000 Goggles are second overall on my list of best field hockey goggles are due to the fact that they can fog up. Don’t get me wrong, not all goggles that have lenses are created equal. These goggles are among the best in its resistance to fogging. They are coated for anti-fog and anti-scratch resistance which greatly helps visibility compared to other field hockey goggles with a lens, but if the conditions are right fogging is unavoidable. Plus if it is raining your visibility is close to zero. For these reasons, most players that use field hockey goggles with a lens will also need a wire cage pair for back up.

I know plenty of high school field hockey players that swear by these goggles and wouldn’t use anything else unless that had to. They much rather occasionally wipe a little fog off their goggles than have wires create unavoidable blinds spots in their sight. If you prefer field hockey goggles with a lens over wire cage goggles, the Bangerz HS3000 Goggles are the right choice for you.

Best Specialty Goggles

Bangerz HS-OTG Over-the-Glasses Field Hockey Goggles

The appropriately named Bangerz HS-OTG Over-the-Glasses Goggles are designed for those athletes who wear glasses while playing. As I’ve mentioned before Bangerz makes very good quality field hockey goggles and this is no exception.

Many field hockey goggles for sale claim to be able to fit over your glasses, which may be true for some people, but for most it’s not the case. If you must wear glasses while playing field hockey and you want to be sure your goggles will fit over your glasses, the Bangerz HS-OTG Over-the-Glasses Field Hockey Goggles are the way to go.

Bangerz Over Glasses Women's Goggle

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Some features that set these goggles apart are its specially vented design for maximum air flow. Prescription glasses fog up enough on their own, the last thing you need is goggles making the problem worse. The biggest positive for these goggles are the fact that they are designed specifically to be worn with glasses. Even if other goggles are big enough to wear with your glasses, they don’t always fit comfortably. With the Bangerz HS-OTG Over-the-Glasses Goggles you know you are getting a product that can do the job right.

Now although I do believe these are the best field hockey goggles available that are designed to fit over your glasses, reviews on this product are not all positive. The biggest gripe about these goggles is its size. Obviously if you are going to buy goggles that can fit over glasses they are going to be bigger than other goggles. Unfortunately being different isn’t always cool. These goggles are made for function, not fashion. Also, some parents have had issues with the goggles not fitting their child’s face because of its inherently larger size. This is uncommon as the one size fits all label is fairly accurate, but not 100% of the time.

These negative reviews aren’t the norm. The Bangerz HS-OTG Over-the-Glasses Goggles are still in my opinion the best field hockey goggles to wear over glasses.

Field Hockey Goggles

Goggles have become commonplace for high school athletes and they don’t appear to be going away any time soon. So do your research, try on different pairs if you can, and get the best field hockey goggles for you.

More on Field Hockey Goggles

The implementation of field hockey goggles in high schools is a hotly debated topic. Why? The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rules committee voted 9-0 against the implementation of protective eyewear. They were later overruled by the NFHS board of directors before field hockey goggles became a requirement in 2011. Why would the board of directors overrule the people who know the sport the best? Read more on the Field Hockey Goggles Debate Here.